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The MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN OPTION is only available for the super visa insurance. If you opted to purchase your Super Visa Insurance under the Monthly Payment Plan, special terms, limitations and exclusions apply to you

You are not eligible for coverage under this policy if:

  1. “You” are travelling against the advice of a physician;
  2. “You” have been diagnosed with a terminal illness with less than two (2) years to live; and /or
  3. “You”have been diagnosed with or received treatment within the last two (2) years for pancreatic, lung, brain, or liver cancer; or any type of cancer that has spread from one part or organ of the body to another not directly connected with it;
  4. “You” have had or are waiting for an organ or bone marrow transplant (excluding corneal transplant);
  5. “You” have a kidney condition requiring dialysis; and/or
  6. “You” you have used home oxygen during the 12 months prior to the date of application
  7. “You”reside in a nursing home, home for the aged, other long term care facility or rehabilitation centre

Under 60 years of age – you’re automatically covered for pre-existing medical conditions as long as they have been stable in the 180 days before the policy starts.

Between the ages of 60 and 85 – complete a Medical Declaration to see if you are eligible to buy our “Stable Chronic Condition” (SCC) Option to cover stable pre-existing conditions. If you are ineligible or decide to waive the SCC option, you will pay a lower premium but will NOT be covered for any pre-existing conditions – stable or unstable. Note: The SCC option is not available if you are over age 85.

Stable Chronic Condition means a pre-existing medical condition for which, in the 180 days prior to your effective date of insurance:

• there have been no new symptoms or change in
symptoms; and
• existing symptoms have not become more frequent or
severe; and
• aphysician has not found that the medical condition
has become worse;
• no test findings have shown that the medical condition
may be getting worse; and
• a physician has not provided, prescribed, or
recommended any new medication, or any change
in medication; and
• a physician has not provided, prescribed, or
recommended any new treatment, or any change
in treatment; and
• there has been no hospitalization or referral to a
specialist or specialty clinic; and
• aphysician has not advised referral to a specialist or
further testsing, and there has been no testing for which
results have not yet been received the results.

No waiting if the policy is purchased before your arrival in Canada

a. Within 30 days: effective 72 hours after purchase

b. After 30 days: effective 7 days after purchase

If you purchased your insurance under the Monthly Payment Plan and activated your policy after your arrival date, a waiting period will apply to your coverage.

1. Expenses to receive emergency medical attention
–Reasonable and customary charges for medical
care received from a physician in or out of a hospital,
the cost of a hospital room (semi-private room when
available or an intensive care unit when medically
necessary); tests that are needed to diagnose or find out
more about your condition; and drugs that are prescribed
for you and are available only by prescription from a
physician. Follow-up visits are covered until the
attending physician or our medical advisors declare
the end of the medical emergency. Note: This policy
does not cover cardiac catheterization, angioplasty,
and/or cardiovascular surgery including any associated
test(s) or charges, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI),
computerized axial tomography (CAT) scans, sonograms,
ultrasounds or biopsies unless such services are approved
in advance by the Assistance Centre.

2. private duty registered nursing or licensed home care
providers and rental of a hospital bed, wheelchair,
crutches, splints, canes, slings, trusses or braces or other
prosthetic appliance up to $5,000 following emergency
insured services when prescribed in writing by a
physician. The use of any licensed home care provider
must be authorized in advance by the Assistance Centre.

3. services provided by a health-care practitioner, up to
a combined total of $1,000 for a covered emergency,
when you have received prior written referral from a

4. the use of a licensed local ambulance service for
emergency transportation.

5. prescription medications up to $500 and not exceeding
a 30-day supply when these medications are prescribed
any medications that can be purchased over-thecounter
without a prescription.

6. in the event of your death, up to $7,500 for the
combined cost of preparing your body for burial
or cremation, transportation (including a standard
shipping container normally used by the airlines) to
your place of burial, and the cost of preparing related
legal documentation. In no event will we pay for the
cost of a coffin or urn. This benefit must be authorized
and arranged by the Assistance Centre.

7. If your treating physician and our medical advisors
recommend that you return to your country of origin
because of your emergency or after your emergency
treatment, we will pay for one or more of the following:
• the extra cost of an economy class fare via the most
cost-effective itinerary;
• a stretcher fare on a commercial flight via the most
cost-effective itinerary, if a stretcher is medically
• the return economy class fare of a qualified medical
attendant via the most cost-effective itinerary to
accompany you, and the attendant’s reasonable fees
and expenses, if this is medically necessary or required
by the airline; or
• the cost of air ambulance transportation, if it is
medically necessary.
This benefit must be authorized and arranged by the
Assistance Centre.

8. up to $4,000 for treatment to natural teeth and repairs
to dentures or other dental devices if such treatment is
necessitated by a direct unintended or unexpected blow
to your face.

9. obtaining hospital, medical or health-care practitioner
records, or a medical report from a physician or healthcare
practitioner provided we request the record or
report. Under no circumstances will we reimburse you
for the cost of completing the claim form.

a) Before the policy goes into effect will be available for either a declined or withdrawn Visa application or the death of the insured.

b) After the policy goes into effect (early return to home country) can be obtained with proof of travel and/or a copy of the Super Visa showing any conditions stipulated at the time of entry into Canada.

However, we recommend that the policy be kept in force if the insured will return to Canada shortly after they leave, as proof of insurance may be required at the time of re-entry.

Refund of premium or Cancellation of policy if you have a monthly payment plan with 21 st Century Travel Insurance

If your visa application is denied by the Government of
Canada, or you formally withdraw your visa application
and your coverage under this policy has not been
activated, 21st Century will refund any premium paid.
Proof of the denial or withdrawal of your application for a
visa must be provided to 21st Century with your written
request for a refund.

If the Government of Canada issues you an entry permit
that is different than the one you applied for, you may
request a refund of any premium paid or change from a
monthly payment plan to payment in full as long as we
receive your request prior to your entry into Canada.
Proof of the change in entry permits will be required. Once
you enter Canada, your deposit premium becomes nonrefundable.
The $50 Policy Fee for any cancellation of, or change from
the Monthly Payment Option is non-refundable.

The two month deposit premium and the $50 Policy Fee
for the Monthly Payment Option are non-refundable in any
circumstance where the entry permit is approved and
issued by the Government of Canada and you have
arrived in Canada without proper Activation of your

The two month deposit premium and the $50 Policy Fee
for the Monthly Payment Option are non-refundable on
any activated policy or policy that is terminated mid-term
by you or us. Only full monthly premiums will be
refunded. Partial months will not be refunded.

After you have activated your coverage under this policy,
subject to all other policy terms, your insurance will
terminate on the date that:
– you return to your country of origin in the event of
your death under Insured Service benefit #6, or
following emergency treatment of your medical
condition under Insured Service benefit #7; or
– the Assistance Centre specified when advising you to
return to your country of origin due to your medical
condition, even if you choose to remain in Canada; or
– we receive proof that you are eligible and covered
under a Canadian government health insurance plan; or
– you return to your country of origin and submit a
written request to cancel your policy.

toll-free from the USA and Canada
If unable to use the toll-free number,
call collect to Canada: +1 519-251-7856
Our Assistance Centre can also be contacted through its
ACM TravelAid™ mobile application.
Visit http://Active-Care.ca/TravelAid to download the app.
You must contact the Assistance Centre prior to
receiving any medical treatment. If you fail to contact the
Assistance Centre, you will have to pay 20%
of the medical expenses we would normally pay under
this insurance.
If it is medically impossible for you to call when the
emergency happens, the 20% co-insurance will not apply.
In this case, we ask that you contact the Assistance Centre
as soon as you can or that someone call on your behalf.
Our Assistance Centre is there to help you
24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
The ACM TravelAid™ mobile application can also provide
you with directions to the nearest medical facility, local
emergency telephone numbers (such as 911 in North
America), and pre-and post-departure travel tips.

To make a claim, you will need to complete a claim
form and submit the following:
a) policy number;
b) proof of all travel dates (airline ticket, passport or visa);
c) original itemized medical bills, receipts and invoices;
d) proof of payment if you have paid the expense;
e) complete medical and/or hospital records including
diagnosis, X-ray, lab or other diagnostic testing results,
which confirm that the treatment was medically necessary;
f) copy of police report (in the case of a motor vehicle
g) if a claim is made under Accidental Death and
Dismemberment, we will need: a) police, autopsy or
coroner’s report; b) medical records; and c) death
certificate, as applicable.
Attach all documentation requested in the claim form,
and send it to:
21st Century Visitors Claims
c/o Active Care Management
P.O. Box 1237, Stn. A
Windsor, ON N9A 6P8 Canada
To enquire about the status of your claim call
1-855-297-4379 from 8:00AM to 8:00PM ET

VCF-1610 -Claim Form

21st Century Travel Ins Useful Forms

VMD-1610- Medical Declaration

Complete for any applicant age 60 to 85 who is applying for the Stable Chronic Condition Option.Complete for all applicants age 86 or over.

VRR-1407-  Cancellation / Refund Request Form

Form must be completed in full by Insured OR Sponsor (incomplete forms will be returned)
A $25 processing fee will be deducted from any amount refundable

MP-Auth-Form-1610- Monthly Payment Authorization Form

To pre-authorize credit card charges on the Super Visa monthly payment option


This summary is meant to be a “help guide” and does not exonerate you from the responsibility of reading the detailed terms, conditions, definitions and exclusions of the policy wording. In all instances, the official policy wording will prevail.

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